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The Main Causes Of Hemroids

Posted Sep 22 2010 6:02pm

By figuring out the causes of piles we will have the information and knowledge to get rid of this problem that causes pain, irritation and bleeding . Thankfully there has been a ton of research in the last decade and scientists have begun to figure out what causes varicose veins to swell and become a hemroid . During this particular article I will cover the three main causes of hemorrhoids and what action can be taken to find relief and prevent future breakouts with the top hemorrhoid treatments .

One of the leading causes of hemroid that we will look at is our diets and the sheer amount of processed foods that it contains. Even though processed foods are convenient and fast to eat they also contain ingredients that are difficult to pronounce and wreck havoc in our digestive system. When our body is trying to break down the food these mystery ingredients cause problems which produces a hard stool which leads to a lot of pushing in the bathroom creating an ideal environment for hemorrhoid problems. Try to introduce fresh and organic food items to your diet and it will lead to healthier stools, a healthier digestive system and greatly reduce the chance of piles .

When the workforce has moved from being physically active to one which involves sitting down in front of computers for hours each day it is of no surprise the rate of hemorrhoids continues to rise. Sitting down for long periods of time causes the blood flow to slow down and the veins in our bottoms to stretch out which can lead to the creation of hemorrhoids . For the second health tip try and get up at least once per hour and do a number of stretches that you learned in gym class so long ago and this will get your blood moving plus it is a great way to keep your back healthy.

Unfortunately the common hemorrhoid relief products found on pharmacy shelves is another cause of hemorrhoids Your favorite treatment is not causing hemorrhoids but they are also doing nothing of solving the real problem which is the hemorrhoid itself. These items can be helpful for very minor cases but if you are dealing with a severe piles problem do not mask the pain and seek professional help. Listen to your body as it is telling you through pain that something is not right.

In order to cure your bottom problem it is important to learn the causes of hemorrhoids as this points to a direct treatment method. Now that you have the right information it is time to take action and by introducing fresh food to your diet, making sure you are not sitting down for long periods of time and by listening to your body will make a difference in preventing future piles breakouts. Thankfully holistic approaches are very quickly becoming the number one hemorrhoid treatment as it does what is natural without drugs or surgery such as the best selling Hemorrhoid Miracle .

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