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The Lake

Posted Oct 04 2012 8:45am
Inspired by my friend Mrs Teepot, who's celebrating National Poetry Day in the UK, and her wonderful poem , I've decided to post one of my own.

As I stumbled through the dark forest of the unknown
The sounds from the leviathan diminished 
Until they were barely a whisper

Small beams of light from the rising sun
Began to show through the branches
Of the thinning trees

The lake at the edge of the forest
Reflected the sunlight back into my eyes
Burning away the terrifying images of the past

I slowly stepped into the lake 
The coolness of the water 
Soothed the burns from my scorched heart

Lowering myself completely into the lake
I allowed the calm movement of the water
To wash away the filth of the past

Your hand reached out to me
Drawing me out of the water 
Into the warmth of the sun

As we lay by the lake on the grassy shore
The warmth of your body 
Dissipated the last drops of water

The beat of your heart renewed mine
The breath from your light kisses
Breathed life into my soul

Holding your hand,
The rest of the journey
Does not seem so daunting

I have finally been released 
To revel in this beautiful new world.

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