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The Eight Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Posted Jan 13 2010 3:40pm 1 Comment

Well you are finding yourself staring into the mirror and wondering if you are actually pregnant but it is still too early for you menstruation cycle to begin. There are many different signs that give an indication that you may be pregnancy that a lot of people tend to miss. This article is going to cover eight of those early signs of pregnancy.

Fatigue - All of a sudden you have no energy what so ever and you can not figure out the reason why. Fatigue is an indicator of pregnancy but it also may be related to an illness such as a cold of the flu.

Strange Food Quirks - Your partner loves to create a certain dish and normally the smell of his masterpiece does not bother you but now the smell makes you feel like throwing up.

Strange Smell Reactions - Well you favorite perfume normally has you smiling and in a great mood but now the exact same perfume makes you turn green and running to the bathroom may be an indicator of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness - Seems that every single morning finds you in front of the toilet fighting a battle with last nights dinner which is trying to come back up to the surface is a sign of pregnancy. My friend Laura says they should not call something morning sickness when it lasts all day, she has a point.

Breasts Changing - That black bra which you have been wearing for years suddenly does not seem to be feeling as comfortable as you remember and your breasts have become sensitive to the touch is a pretty good sign of pregnancy and you should be calling your doctor for a pregnancy test.

Bathroom Breaks - The guy sitting a couple of offices over is thinking that you have a crush on him but what he does not know is that your bladder is the reason for your multiple trips past him. The need to frequently urinate tends to be on the big early signs of pregnancy.

Breathing Problems - Complaints of shortness of breath are pretty common with women who are pregnant and this is a great reason for making that doctors appointment sooner than later.

Changes To Your Body - A pelvic exam is the key to the ultimate sign of early pregnancy which is changes to the color of your vagina and to the softness of your cervix.

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I missed my period and its been 11 days now. Past 3 weeks or so, I have the following symptoms: fatigue, tiredness, nausea (sometimes), frequent urination, cramps in the lower abdomen, feeling full/heavy, loud heartbeat, feeling sleepy, feeling hungry too frequently. Tried 3 tests at home and all of them failed. Am I pregnant


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