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The Benefits Of Gift Giving In Cafe World

Posted Jan 04 2010 1:41pm

Cafe World which is created by Zynga and like other games created by this company has the powerful option of giving gifts to all of those on your friends list. The gift shows up each and every day and you can do whatever that you want with it. Although the best part of gift giving is when people are sending you the gifts. During certain times of the years the gifts take on a whole new meaning with special items that can not be purchased through normal methods. Cafe World gift giving is a integral part of the game and if your are not using it to the fullest your Cafe World experience will suffer.

Gift giving is a part of the game play in Cafe World and should be used to its full potential. Gifts are easy to receive for all you have to do is login each day and see what new gift has appeared in your gift giving menu. It should be kept in mind that there is a limit to how many gifts that you can give per day that is much lower than your actual friend count. In Cafe World the gifts come in the form of appetizers, cookies and drinks that are well received by your friends.

You can give gifts that are not in your Cafe World gift menu by actually purchasing the items from the store. This is not recommended as your friends can purchase these items on their own so save your Cafe World coins for something more useful.

The best part of the gift giving experience on Cafe World is when you give out gifts people feel inclined to send you gifts back. You do not need to ask for a gift exchange transaction as Cafe World does it for you. One piece of advice is keep track of the people who play a lot for they will send gifts to you at a much faster rate.

Everyone who plays Cafe World on a regular basis loves the gift giving capability of the game and will participate fully in the experience. A good thing to keep track of is the players who are constantly playing Cafe World for they will send gifts back to you at a much higher and faster rate than the person who only plays a couple of times a week.

If you want to reach the top of Cafe World gift giving is an area that needs to be mastered. What you need to do is get as many neighbors as you can so the ability of giving and receiving gifts will continue to increase.

Want to learn how to get a ton of neighbors and other Cafe World Cheats? Than you need to pick up a Cafe World Strategy Guide and quickly become an elite player.
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