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Teenage depression can cause serious twists for some

Posted Dec 25 2010 1:29am
Teenage is the onset of wisdom and happiness for most; yet there are enough number of teenagers falling into the trap of depression. Teenagers who suffered clinical depression might have ongoing depression for most part of their life, the reason being there is no one good solution to be mentioned as a cure. If they are lucky, the depression could last for a temporary period and they are back on track soon. This post is to help teenagers who have undergone depression or going through depression.

Dear teenagers,
Please understand life is sometimes discouraging and disappointing. But by being hopeless, or entering the worries or disappointment cycle or for that matter, getting into the cycle of negative thoughts is going to rob the great happy moments that nature has bestowed on every human being. Try to understand life is to live with imperfections in terms of others doing fraudulent activities, harming and insulting. The best example is a parent could insult you by accusing, critisizing and so on. But understand that they don't do it on purpose. They have their own limitations and they do out of circumstances. Always develop a habit of
positive thinking and an attitude of come what may. Whatever comes across, be content with that. Try to realise your talents, strengths, love for others and remember these are your power points. It is always better to realise earlier than realising after several years like me. I was literally talking to myself as "Life's circumstances are unfavorable to me for several years. Please don't do the same mistake as me. Never blame circumstances, What it matters is how we take the external things that happens to us. Take anything lightly and take responsibility for your actions that start from thoughts. Understand the world around you loves you though it looks as though people are not loving. Read self-help books,
consult doctor if necessary, but more than the doctor, it is your attitude that can help you. Wish you good luck!
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