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Stop Your Ears From Ringing By Learning The Causes

Posted Oct 30 2009 11:00pm

Ringing in your ears is known as Tinnitus by all the people wearing white coats and needless to say it is annoying and can get to the point where it is severely affecting your life. The first step that you should be taking is calling your own white coat doctor for a full medical workup to see if they can determine what is causing the ringing in your ears.

The most common reasons for Tinnitus or ringing in your ears is the following

1. Infections in your ear. A little infection can lead to massive problems so make sure that you visit your doctor to rule out infection

2. A wax buildup that is causing your hearing to get distorted ie. ringing. There are a number of products sold over the counter regarding the removal of built up wax but tread carefully.

3. Loud noises over a good time period aka Why your mother told you to turn your music down

4. Certain mental illnesses can lead to Tinnitus due to stress

5. Certain medications used to fix other health problems can lead to your ears ringing to their own tune

6. Certain ear diseases such as Meniere's disease. Meniere's disease affects both hearing and balance which can lead to the total loss of hearing in your ear due to a high air pressure in the ear

7. Getting older. Yep add another item to the list of things that suck as we get older

8. Loss of hearing. So you are no longer able to hear the conversations around you but the Tinnitus is not going away anytime soon.

9. Head injuries and neck injuries. Your ears are pretty sensitive and it does not take too much trauma to send them into the land of the constant ringing.

10. Brain abnormalities. Pretty self explanatory for the most part but what doctors are looking for is sudden appearances of an aneurysm which is a problem all on its own with or without Tinnitus.

It is widely believed that Tinnitus is the microscopic damage to the nerve endings in your middle ear caused by the above list and then some. The good news is this can be cured and you will not have to spend the remainder of your life with ringing ears.

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