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Rubber Band Ligation Hemorrhoid Treatment

Posted Dec 21 2009 1:31pm 1 Comment

Rubber band ligation has been used as a surgical approach to the treatments of hemorrhoids for quite some time and depending on the research that you read the success rate ranges from fifty to seventy five percent. Rubber band ligation is used when a internal hemorrhoid is considered to be graded at the second degree mark. This is a day surgery and the recovery is typically three to five days as long as everything is successful.

During the rubber band ligation procedure the patient lies on his or her side with their knees drawn up. The doctor uses a proctoscope inserted into the rectum to open up the anal cavity. A pair of forceps is then used to line up the hemorrhoid with a piece of equipment known as the Barron ligator which allows the surgeon to place a small rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid with the hope that it will cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid and the end results is the hemorrhoid will basically dry out and fall off. The use of rubber bands in the treatment of hemorrhoids goes way back in history with Hippocrates writing about tying hemorrhoids off with string in attempt to cure this rather painful disorder. After the procedure is over the patient goes home and is asked to not take any form of Aspirin for at least two weeks as the ingredients in Aspirin actual cause the muscles to swell and contract so the patient is told to use Ibuprofen for their pain relief.

The potential side effects of rubber band ligation can be pretty scary. Possible side effects include the rubber band slipping or breaking, bleeding, pain, anal fissure and a infection at the site of the hemorrhoid. The main problem with the rubber band ligation hemorrhoid procedure is that it may take care of the present hemorrhoid but does nothing to prevent more hemorrhoids from appearing in the future.

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Hemorrhoids ligation using rubber band is the gold standard of treatment for hemorrhoids these days. It is a non-surgical procedure done in the office, takes two minutes, painless, require no aneasthesia and the patient can resume activities immediatly. This service is covered by most health insurance plans. However, this procedure cannot be done at home by the patient, it cannot be  done by a physician who was not trained to do this type of treatment.
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