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Quit Smoking Update 6

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:05pm
Thank you all so much for the support on quitting smoking. All very true and making a lot of sense!
As of february next year, I will have smoked for 10 years. I do NOT want to always say that I smoked for A DECADE. No.
All or nothing....? I agree. At least, that's the goal. If I slip, I'm not going to think myself a failure.
Keep getting up, dust myself off, keep going.
I'm going to do this!
And yes, too true - you can't eat cigarettes!
As for picking the most stressful time.... I think I've pretty much got that one down pat... I've just lost two people in my treatment team who were incredibly important to me, a new doctor has arrived on the scene, everything at the hospital is changing, I'm starting my Christmas shopping, trying to maintain and rekindle friendships, dealing with my mum's new boyfriend, her first partner in 15 years, and... and oh, that's right, I'M MOVING OUT OF HOME!!!!
Did I say Aaarrggghhh?!
I get the feeling that if I can get through this period without smoking, I can bloody well do anything!
I was hanging out for a smoke all this morning. When I finally had one, it was disgusting and I smoked less that half of it. I just thought to myself, what's the point? Would I force myself to eat gross mashed food that I don't like and don't get any pleasure out of and doesn't fill me up, just because I used to like it?
This is going to be a long journey, I think. Still, I have still come a long way and made incredible changes, so I should be proud of myself for that, shouldn't I?
Thanks again for all the support guys, I really appreciate it.
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