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Postscript to “Friend” post

Posted Jul 03 2008 9:12am

You can always tell who your true friends are. I am incredibly thankful for my friends here who have commented, supported me through thick and thin, and  they are just all-around fantastic people.

Re: the concern about seeing her at my 20 year reunion: This person did not attend the high school that I did, so I will not be seeing her at my reunion.

I have in my to-moderate box 5 comments from the ex-friend whom I had attempted to reconstruct a friendship. I am still floored by the intense bile this person has. All I ever did was be honest, as many of you know that is what my mission here. Her comments include fake email addresses such as “pityparty”, “warped”, all meant to further bully me.

And that is what I consider this: cyberbullying. I thought that we had graduated high school and grown up. It is really disturbing.

Even sending me emails, then modifying them in my blog comments, to make it even more hurtful.

Long lost|

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your world for just a few days.

I love the fact that you contacted me.

I wrote only good things to you and wished you happiness.

Yes, I forgive you and I accepted your apologies.

However, If you are such a “Stellar” online friend, then you would share the whole story rather than only your point of view. Did you tell your online buddies that I was very positive to you, no. Did you give me the option of defending myself on your blog, no. Posting only your view about our brief email conversations, is a good example how selfish you really are. You did not give the “friendship” an opportunity to take off from the ground.

Point blank:

If you post about the “real life” people that come in and out of your life this way, then that’s probably why you feel you have few.

I was very open to you. You are building a wall faster than the speed of light with me.

Why? I really do not know.

What exactly you are looking for? I really do not know.

Please understand, you have to be a friend in order to have friends.

I believe I said that to you 16 years ago. So I will say it again.

Please look me up when you truly find the peace that you seek and are at least understanding the recovery process of Forgiving.

Online Blogging isn’t the cure all. The cure all starts only with you. You are the one who decides whether or not to stay in the pit or work on climbing out. I DO wish you the best with climbing out!

Be receptive to those who truly want to help. It’s obvious to me, that you are not receptive. If you were, you would not have posted

“Would *you* be my friend”

Maybe now it should read:

you have to be a friend in order to have friends & I totally screwed up again

When you are truly ready, I will be here for you.

Until then, take care of yourself, your husband **** and those beautiful boys; ***** & *****.

And it progressively degenerated:

Long lost|

Pitty party central here!

And then, this:

Luv you Bye|

“Love the ones who treat you right, forget about the ones who don’t, and believe all things happen for a reason.”

Then the final slap:


Yeah, boy twiggles is right, Why did you even look her up? It’s unbelievable she would want to hurt you. Hoes does she feel about all of this? What a waste of time, really.

Yes, indeed, it was a waste of time. I’m convinced that the reason why we stopped being friends was meant to be.

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