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Postpartum Hypothyroidism

Posted by merrec

can this hypothyroidism cause a women to feel like she isnt in love with her spouse and cause sudden mood swings with him and can she think that I am to blame for her emotions and not realize its something else entirely ?? She has many of the symptoms like lack of sex drive , weight gain and loss , headackes all the time , past history of depression in family , past PPD with our first child , and this has been going on now for almost 5 months .. and our baby daughter is only 9 months old and its our 2nd child ..also feels like i guilt her , im controling , cant trust me , feels numb to me , and is also always seeming to be tired , she is almost always in a good mood in the morning , but hardly ever seems to be in a good mode at night ....

I also was unemployed for a long time and fell into a online game and wasnt being supportive with things around the house and kids like i should have been...

But refuses to check and wants to end a marriage of 10 years with two kids ages 4 years and 9 month old daughter , and it started about 5 months ago suddenly out of the blue , and gets emotional when ever i try to talk to her about that issue and our son recently started wetting the bed and she took him to get checked out and the doctor told her its cause he is emotional cause he dont have his father around, and she didnt even seem to care or care that he constantly wants me home and throughs temper tantrums about it going as far as saying ill kick you out mom and daddy is moving in .. 

The wife is also working a lot and then has both kids , but the kids spend so much time at the baby sitters they look at the baby sitter as mom and call them mom at times as well.. can there be some imbalance going on that she has me and just me pointed out and feel happy otherwise outside of that or possibly the busy day keeps her feeling that way and when we talk is the only time she gets that way ??And can it be from a thyroid ordeal and if so what other things may she be acting like with me being the husband and to her being the source of all problems??

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