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Personality Disorders And Medication

Posted Jul 28 2011 12:33am

There was an article over at the huffington post about the new DSM that is scheduled to be released in 2013 and there was a lot of talk with my Facebook friends (Terry Untreatable) about the DSM being basically a money grab for insurance companies. Now I live North of the border so the health system compared to where I live and the US are world's apart. With a new DSM comes new criteria for mental illnesses and of course treatment plans. Depression is a weird one for some levels can be treated strictly by therapy and others need the chemical help which had me thinking about personality disorders.

Now personality disorders are not something that you are born with at least in ninety five percent of the time, traumatic brain injury screws up the graph on this one. If a personality disorder is not due to a chemical imbalance such as severe depression it means to me that it can not be treated by medication. Psychiatrists do not like disorders that rely completely on therapy because it means they have to work for a living. That last part was not so nice on my behalf but it is late and there of course is other factors involved.

I take Seroquel which helps me to deal with my BPD by allowing my brain time to process every single thing that runs through it but at the same time I have a multiple of diagnosis so I can not say with certainty that this anti psychotic has cured my borderline personality disorder.

The DSM likes to put everything into neat little categories but what happens when a patient meets more than one, which is normally the case. So I have been diagnosed with severe depression, post traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and of course borderline personality disorder. Now there are somewhat treatment options for each but how much does it change when dealing with four. PTSD effects my anxiety level which plays havoc on my depression which is trying to stay ahead of my borderline personality disorder. Or my borderline personality disorder is standing in front of any treatments for depression or post traumatic stress disorder which is sending my anxiety level through the roof. Now if my borderline personality was treated which caused tremendous stress and anxiety which led to an increase in depression and post traumatic stress disorder is freaking at every thing that moves. DSM 4 was not clear about this and I doubt the DSM 5 will be much of an improvement.

If I broke four bones in my body at the same time the doctor would set each break, plaster on a cast and I would be told to expect six to eight weeks for the bones to heal. If it is a severe break it may require surgery but the rest would be the same. I was diagnosed with four mental disorders and it is going on six years. take care
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