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Permanent Link: kentucky fried chicken: a Japanese tradition

Posted Jan 03 2010 12:00am

Japan is steeped in tradition, and food is certainly one that often captures that history. But a little known holiday tradition, aside from the really traditional stuff (which I`ll probably mention later once I have the pictures), is eating fried chicken….but not just any fried chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken, out of that round chicken bucket.

There is something about their secret blend of spices that just screams Christmas time in Japan. When I was little and still living in Japan, I remember when our parents would drive to a local KFC (nearby a Nintendo factory) and get that bucket of chicken and some ice cream (which they used to sell in Japan for some reason). My mother, who isn`t into eating chicken in general, was the first one to mention in our household this holiday season just how much she wanted to eat some KFC, because holiday just isn`t complete without some KFC (By the way, we don`t call it KFC; we call it `Kentucky`). If you don`t believe me, NPR mentioned it just the other day. Of course, our family got one of those barrels of Kentucky around Christmas. It came with french fries instead of that yummy mashed potatoes and gravy, but it was still delicious.

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