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Permanent Link: ECT #22 (my seventh maintenance treatment)

Posted Oct 14 2009 12:00am

hallwayThis morning came another installment of my electroconvulsive therapy, #22 to be exact. I took  my cell phone into the psych hospital and was determined to snap a picture while no one was looking. It’s not a good pic, but this is a photo of the hallway right outside the treatment room. All the wheelchairs are there to be used to transport ECT patients after the treatment (we have to be wheeled around since we’ve been under anesthesia).

Once again there were several students who were in the treatment room to observe how ECT is done, so I got to be the lucky subject of their observation. Before Dr. F, my ECT psychiatrist, came, I could hear the clinical director (who’s my anesthesiologist) explaining to the students about ECT. It’s kind of odd to have people my age observing my procedure, but I always find it interesting to hear about the technical aspects of ECT as it is being explained to them.

The anesthesia does cause one to forget some things for about  30 minutes after the treatment. I told one of the nurses about my cat before the ECT, and after the ECT, she asked me about him. I had no clue what she was talking about. She tried to refresh my memory that he was at a hospital, but I could not recall any part of what happened to him yesterday. I couldn’t even remember where the hospital was. It took a good hour for my memory to come back, and it now seems to be intact, thank goodness.

I know Lortab is an object of addiction for many people, but when one is in need of it for medical reasons, it is amazingly helpful. My headache isn’t quite gone, but it has been alleviated tremendously.

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