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Panic attack symptoms

Posted Jan 25 2013 6:55am
Some of the symptoms of panick attack areFeeling weak, faint or dizzy, racing heart, breathing difficulties, chest pains and feeling loss of control. These symptoms may be present due to other conditions also. Best is to consult a mental health physician if you are in doubt whether you had a panic attack.
For more details, refer to this website

For any mental health problem or mental health disorder, it is important to believe that there is no need to become anxious, since there are lot of people to help. By understanding that there are ways to recover, you can feel peaceful. Some people can recover by doing regular meditation. However check with a physician if doing meditation is OK for your specific condition. Inspite of having mental health disorder, you can live a life of content, by counting your blessings, and focussing what all good things have happened in your life.

Take a look at the video at to see how you can feel better by doing something good for the world regardless of your mental health disorder.  
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