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Omega3 or Fish Oil

Posted by mindyroo

I have been struggling with severe depression and anxiety for over 15 years. I didn't get help until I finally hit bottom about 7 years ago. I couldn't get out of bed, I didn't want to be near people and I gained over 100 pounds. My doctor put me on Prozac. That helped the symptoms but I still didn't feel well. I'm finally adjusted with Celexa with a Wellbutrin chaser. I have been feeling more and more like myself with the help of a therapist.

 My doctor did a cholesterol test on me recently and told me that it was high and she may want to put me on a cholesterol lowering pill. A friend suggested that I try Fish Oil first. Fish Oil bottles talk about how Omega3 helps with heart health.  That was the original reason why I started taking the pills. I've been taking 3000mg per day. I noticed within a couple of weeks that I felt better. I had more energy and my body wasn't nearly as sore as I've been. I've been able to stay on my new eating plan without as many "cheating days."

I read an article yesterday that stated that Fish Oil has been known to help people battle depression. I was completely amazed! I reviewed how long I've been on the pills and realized that I've been happy since I've started taking the pills. I fully believe that the Fish Oil pills have finally helped me to really take control of my depression. I'm interested in doing things that I haven't wanted to do for years. I have more energy, more enthusiasm and I am friendly to people again. If you have struggled with depression for years, talk with your doctor and others to see if Fish Oil might be right for you! 

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I can echo your comments and success! What fish oil formula do you take? I take one called o3mega+ joy and it really works.
I take one with an enteric coating because I don’t like the fishy after-burps that I used to get with non-enteric brands! It’s called Triple Strength Omega 3.
I started taking omega-3 supplements a little over a year ago. The results have been incredible. I discuss that and more in my blog, .
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