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Oh, To Be A Cat

Posted Jun 20 2014 1:18pm
If you don't care about cats, skip this one.

My mother-in-law had a cat named Smokey. He was a stray that wandered into my husband's home many years ago, and she took him home. She swore he was a Manx (he probably lost his tail in a fight), and during all the time he lived with her (I think he was 17 when he just died), she said something like he was the most loved, hugged, kissed, spoiled kitty ever. He allowed her to carry him around, and was always by her side, especially after he husband died. He slept with her (he had his own pillow) and even had a heated cat bed in Florida! When she moved here (Ohio), she made a hole in her blinds so he could look out and watch the birds (she'd put out old bread to attract more birds). She would get up several times in the middle of the night "in case he was hungry," and he always had 3-5 bowls of different foods. If she were still alive when I die, I'd want to come back as her cat.

My youngest daughter has a cat who has is maybe 14 years old. She has the same personality as her person, and allows my daughter to cuddle her, and knows when she's not doing well. Unfortunately, Evie is not doing well herself.

Paris was my best friend, he died recently and it was one of the most horrible things I've felt. He helped me get through the worst times of my life. He was a cuddler, and would lay on my chest after the girls would go to school and just let me cry. When we moved out to the country, he discovered hunting, and would bring me "gifts," mostly voles . This is a picture of him bringing in a nest, after he already brought in all the inhabitants.

For a while I had Zoe until we moved down here, she didn't get along with anybody, so I had to rehome her. Paris loved her from when she was a kitten. He took over all her "mothering" needs. She was a gorgeous lynx-point Siamese, and I hated giving her up.

Greg's cats have him well trained. They sit by the door (they do have a cat door), and meow until he gets up and lets them out. We could be in the middle of dinner, or sitting leisurely on the porch. Gippy (I can't find pics of her) is a peach colored tabby, who is the most vocally demanding. She's probably the original Greg-Trainer. Mr Sam and Cali are related, but he can't remember how. We call Cali (the oldest) "Disapproving Kitty" because she always has this look on her face like we aren't good enough for her. She pretty much does what she wants because Greg is a softy. He does say "Now, Cali, we don't do that" but that's pretty much the extent of her punishment. She sits wherever she wants to; and no matter how disapproving she can be, she always runs in and sleeps on Greg as soon as he lays down. (I can't seem to find any pics of Mr Sam either, but he's a black kitty).

Actually not getting into any trouble.

Sitting in the antique pump organ

In a box with a comforter that doesn't belong to her

Apparently this plant attracts kitties (Squeak as a kitten)
And then there's Squeakers. So-called because that's pretty much all she does. She doesn't meow, she just squeaks. She was my replacement for Paris, but she's not a cuddler. Before she discovered the great outdoors, she'd zoom around the house, then all of a sudden get trapped by a beam of light and plop down and fall asleep. Now she spends most of the time outdoors, hunting. She used to be quite aloof, now she's allowing me to pick her up (for all of about 30 seconds), but when she's inside she's rarely further than about two feet from me.

Sleeping on the table (where she doesn't belong)

They're all quite spoiled, they get treats quite often and a little canned food in the morning (Squeakers announces that I'm late when I try to sleep in). They get quite a bit of loving, and are pretty much allowed to do whatever they want. In return they bring us "gifts" (quite unwelcome ones), purrs, and unconditional love.
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