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Off Cymbalta 60mg (duloxetine) and seroquel (100mg) for a week now....

Posted Nov 16 2009 6:27am

Ok...maybe not such a smart thing dumping both drugs at once, but I just wanted to feel what it was like NOT to be dependent on them.  The verdict is a bit mixed so far, but I'm persevering.

Now here's new one for you all, my most noticeable side effect is an unbelievable amount of energy.  I can't stop doing things!  I'm digging up my backyard (by hand) and planting a new lawn (from seed, with a new irrigation system that I designed and built), I'm constructing things (I'm also a recovering engineer), I'm repairing things around the house and yard (major things, things that several weeks ago I wouldn't have THOUGHT about doing myself).  I'm working 12 hours a day (well, it is my company, but instead of just being there for 12 hours I'm really packing a lot in each day!).

 So what is going on?  Am I suddenly over all my depression? Or just running a 100 mph straight towards that brick wall.  

Can anyone relate to this at all?

It's 1:25am (again) and still looking for things to do.


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