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Migraine Blues

Posted Apr 01 2013 8:03pm

I have been plagued by migraines lately. They are getting very bad. My ears begin to hurt and ring, the pain around my eye is massive, my jaw hurts and I just want to curl up in a ball, cry and/or sleep. None of the medicine I take really works. Topamax sort of reduces the amount of migraines I get but the intensity is way up.

I really effects my mood. Pain is a huge depression trigger. When I do my feel physically good, I do not feel mentally good.

I often wonder if the two are wound together and can’t survive without the other. Just a simple Google search of migraines and depression bring up lots of results that say yes, they are related.

To another another thing to the mix, my rosacea is getting worse.  I have heard of the connection of migraines and rosacea. The red bumps on my face seem to be spreading.


I do not want to go on antibiotics but that is the only things the really seems to help.

I am just tired and hurting. I want to cry uncle with my migraines.

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