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Main Hemorrhoid Causes

Posted Jan 26 2010 1:58pm

Hemorrhoids are a serious problem for a good percentage of the population bringing pain, irritation and bleeding. Thankfully there has been a large amount of research done on why the varicose veins in the rectal area become enlarged and problematic. Through out this particular article I will cover the main areas that lead to the development of hemorrhoids and what you can do to prevent future outbreaks.

The convenience of processed foods have made this item a staple in our diet. Unfortunately although this food type is convenient the ingredients it contains are not easily digested by the body. If we eat too much processed foods are stools become hard and are much more difficult to pass during a bowel movement which ends up creating an environment perfect for hemorrhoid development. By removing processed foods from our diet and replacing them with fresh and organic items not only do we cut done the risk of hemorrhoids we are also eating a lot more healthier.

With more and more time spend in front of a computer screen this leads to an environment that encourages hemorrhoid development. The lack of blood flow in our bottom area is to blame in this category and with a simple switch this can be avoided. At least once per hour stand up and do a series of stretches that will get the blood flowing normally and this is not only great in terms of reducing hemorrhoid development the rest of your body will appreciate as well.

Certain hemorrhoid relief products will actually do more harm than good. By using one of the many hemorrhoid treatments found in pharmacies you are able to get a bit of pain relief but it is doing nothing for the actual problem which is the growing hemorrhoid. Most people tend to use this product for a few weeks before seeking more advance help from their physicians for what has become a major issue. As with most health situations the sooner that you seek treatment the faster the recovery will be. Pain is the way our bodies tell us that something is not quite right and should not be ignored.

Hemorrhoids are a major pain in the butt and by taking the right approach you can reduce the possibility of future outbreaks. Avoid processed foods, try not to sit down for lengthy periods of time and by taking the right steps if pain begins than hopefully you are on the path to being hemorrhoid free.
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