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Mafia Wars Cheats - Dominate Mafia Wars By Picking The Right Character

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:00pm

In order to dominate Mafia Wars you need to make a critical decision right off the bat and that is what type of character do you want to be. Mafia Wars offers you a choice of three different character types: The Mogul character type, the Maniac character type and the Fearless character type. Through out this article I will go through the character types to help you make the best decision on who to start your Mafia Wars career as.

The first character type in Mafia Wars is the Mogul whose most evident advantage is that he is capable of earning money every fifty four minutes instead of every hour like the Maniac and the Fearless character type. The Mogul is also the only character that is eligible to be a bagman and as such you have a chance of doubling the money earned each time you perform a job in one of your friends Top Mafia families. The Mogul character type is capable of making money faster than the other two but once you get to a high level of Mafia Wars money is really not that important anymore.

Mogul Mafia Wars Character Type:
Energy: every 5 min.
Health: every 3 min.
Money: every 54 min instead of 60 min.
Stamina: every 5 min

The second character type in Mafia Wars is the Maniac whose big advantage over the other two is that his energy level replenishes at a faster rate. Instead of gaining one bar of energy every five minutes the Maniac gains the same amount between one to three minutes. With the Maniac character type you are eligible to be a button man which gives you the chance of winning any fight you initiate automatically. The Maniac character with its faster energy replenishing time makes him an ideal choice early on in the game although his skill as a button man does not count for a lot in the later stages of the game.

Maniac Mafia Wars Character Type:
Energy: every 3 min instead of 5 min.
Health: every 3 min.
Money: every 60 min.
Stamina: every 5 min.

The last character type is the Fearless whose big advantage is that he gains health back much quicker than the Mogul and the Maniac. The Fearless character type gains health back at a rate of every two minutes instead of every five. The Fearless character is the only character type who can qualify to be a wheel man which comes with a number of special abilities. With the Fearless character type there is a chance that when you complete a job there may be the possibility of no energy being used which is pretty critical in Mafia Wars

Fearless Mafia Wars Character Type:
Energy: every 5 min.
Health: every 2 min instead of 3 min.
Money: every 60 min.
Stamina: every 5 min

Making the right selection of character types in Mafia Wars will go along way to determine your success and the type of game you are going to play. If you want to completely dominate Mafia Wars I would suggest that you pick up a Mafia Wars Strategy Guide which will provide you with a ton of information and cheats to completely rise to the top of the Mafia Wars empire.
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