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Mafia Wars Cheats A Beginners Guide To Mafia Wars On Facebook

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:00pm

Welcome to the beginners guide for Mafia Wars and in this article I am going to focus on the Facebook edition although all of the tips can be applied to all versions. So log into your Facebook account and search for the Mafia Wars application and we will get started.

The Mafia Wars application on Facebook automatically finds all of your Facebook friends who are already playing this fun yet highly addictive game mind you depending on your age demographic will determine how many people are already part of your Mafia family. The goal of Mafia Wars is to become the head honcho with the strongest family who puts fear into other Mafia families.

As a brand new player the goal right now is to just focus on pulling jobs that will earn you both cash and experience. What you are looking for in a job is one that pays very well but is pretty easy on the energy level for as you have just started your energy level is pretty pathetic. The good news about energy is it does replenish on its own every few minutes automatically.

Property is a very big deal in the Mafia Wars game but unfortunately you need to be at least a level four before you can access this part of the game. When you are able to purchase property I recommend you do so as soon as possible for with real estate your bank account will grow much faster as it earns around the clock.

When it comes to fighting in the Mafia Wars universe there is one big rule to follow. The rule is never fight someone who is at a higher level than you are for it is not going to end good the majority of the time. When you do start to fight other Mafia Wars family aim for opponents who are similar in size and strength.

The Godfather plays a very significant role in Mafia Wars and he does dictate what takes place in the streets and how quickly you climb the ladder of power in the game. The key with the Godfather is to keep him happy by going above and beyond the call of duty. Kind of a pain in the butt but it will pay off hugely in the long run.

Since Mafia Wars is so popular a number of trainers or bots have come out to give you the complete advantage over other players in the Mafia Wars universe but they will also get your account put six feet under. There are a number of strategy and cheat guides created by the top Mafia Wars players that will help to accelerate your progress while making sure that every cheat and techniques is 100% legal. To take a look at the top three Mafia Wars Strategy and Cheat guides take a look at the link below

Find the top three Mafia Wars Strategy and Cheat Guides at
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