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Link between food and depression?

Posted May 29 2012 8:06pm

I was going to start telling my story but I came across this article in the Huffington Post  and decided I had to share.  It talks about the link between endocrine disruptors (eg. BPA, insecticides) and increases in mental health disorders.  In March, the FDA chose to ignore mounting evidence on the negative affects of BPA in our consumer goods and determined that BPA could continue to be used in food and beverage containers.  What really spoke to me in this article were these two paragraphs:

“It’s not difficult, nor is it inappropriate, to make the connection between results like these and one of the big questions that’s been haunting our society for the past few decades: Why are so many mental health disorders on the rise?

We haven’t proved that chemical exposure is at the root of increases in autism, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression, and similar conditions. My guess is that we’ll eventually discover a significant connection with at least some of these conditions, but we don’t know yet.”

It really hits on my thoughts with regard depression and my personal experience.   Through the many changes I have made in my life over the past 2 years, I have discovered that there is a link between the food that we consume and depression.   I haven’t proven it and I don’t have fancy studies to back up my theory.  Just me and a little common sense.

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