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Let Me Introduce Inferno, an Artist

Posted Jul 01 2011 8:05am
I've discovered this awesome website, The Demons Within - Being a Bipolar Artist . I've been fascinated with the relationship between art and mental health since my aunt took me on a tour of the Art Center at the Exceptional Children's Foundation , where she worked.  I started doing my own art therapy many years ago, lost the desire after ECT, but after perusing the drawings on Inferno's website I've been inspired to start again.

Inferno....That's the name I use around here, because, I guess you would say, I am in the closet with my Bipolar. My family and some of my friends would not be understanding at all of my problem. My bipolar problems started very early. Probably around the age of 8. This is not the textbook age, I know, but thats when I started having some serious problems inside myself. I kept it to myself, and became a very screwed up, shy kid, living with alcoholic parents. I believe fully that this is what fostered me to become an artist. I had to have an outlet of some kind. I always enjoyed chewing on crayons anyway, so who knows, maybe I was just born with it. But then again, Van Gogh ate paint, and he was Bipolar too. I am a potter by trade, and I do art of any sort that I can get my hands on. In fact, I absolutely MUST be doing something related to being creative, most all of the time. It is a serious need for me. If you want to see somebody go off the deep end, take away my art supplies for a couple days! 
I found out officially that I was Bipolar about 5 years ago, after a very long and awful depression that lasted months. I called a suicide hotline and the journey began. This blog is another outlet for me. I need to commune with other people that understand and deal with the daily struggles that I do. I also want to share my artwork, and encourage other artists with mental disorders to share theirs as well. I hope to raise awareness about Art as therapy, and an effective way to release emotions, in a healthy way. I encourage anyone to try it, and even if you don't think your art is beautiful, I would love to have submissions! 

This ink drawing is titled "Defessus of Vita", which is Latin for "Tired of Life". I was certainly feeling that way when I drew this. I was so full of emotion that I felt as if my head would explode. I got some of it out with this drawing, and it means a lot to me to this day. I hold this one close to my heart, because it helped me so much. And I can look at it, and remember the release I felt when I made it.
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