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Lessons We Learn In Death

Posted Jul 03 2008 1:14pm
I believe any experience whether positive or negative offers a path of learning to better enrich our lives. The passing of a love one is no exception.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. What would happen if you knew that tomorrow morning your eyes would never open again.

1. Would you be rushing off to tell family and friends what they mean to you or would be comfortable with the knowledge that they already know?

2. Would you spend the time in regret of all of the things that you wished to accomplish but for whatever the reason never attempted?

3. Would you be caught thinking about all of the time wasted on the "ifs" and "I wish I could change" instead of being focused on the present?

4. Would you be happy with the way your life went or would you believe that you wasted the greatest gift?

We live in a funny time that seems to get faster and faster with every passing year. I can not tell you what tomorrow is going to bring but I guess the purpose of this post is to gently remind you that it is your life and you are responsible in how it is written. Like that country guy sings live like your dying. take care.
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