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I saw Elvis. He sat between me and Bigfoot on the UFO.

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:06am


For someone who doesn't work or have kids, I sure seem to be damn busy!


  • re-arrange furniture in the sun room
  • clean laundry
  • grocery shopping
  • shop for 1yo's birthday present (wtf do you buy a 1yo?)
  • paint my mum's nails (french manicure)
  • paint MY nails
  • re-organise YAAD folder
  • make lunch for me and mum
  • tidy computer folders to free up disk space
  • blog
  • look up APL laser treatment
  • check rental properties online
  • book an M7 e-toll pass online for mum
  • wrap 1yo's presents and write cards
  • remove sticky price labels from various objects with eucalyptus oil
  • re-organise and gather items for my YAAD spellbox
  • change my bed sheets and valance and change the doona
  • dye my grandma's hair for her
  • remove my email address from various annoying Yahoo groups
  • brush the cat
  • wash the dog
  • print photos on to photo paper

Mum has gone to Sydney for the weekend as of 4pm this afternoon, and my grandma's sister, Margie is staying for 2 nights. Aaaargh! The outlook for the weekend is now - horse racing radio on full ball, all day... tv on volume level 48... 2 old ladies screaming to try and hear each other over the radio and tv... uncontrolled farting... etc.

Did I mention searing heat from the 3 heaters?

At least the nights are mine as they will likely go to bed early. Woo hoo!


respect for elders... respect for elders... respect for elders...

Anyway, I have my headphones on and I'm immersed in the world of The Living End, Eminem, Britney, Seal and U2. All I need now is chocolate!

Tomorrow is my friend Nat's son Zair's first birthday party, and I'll be going there for a few hours in the morning. I haven't seen Nat or Zair for months, so it will be great to catch up and see how much Zair has grown!

Remember: the early bird ... gets insomnia ...


Jac xxx

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