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I ran out my cymbalta 60mg meds for 2 days. The withdraw symptoms are horrible! I am back on them now... but the above symptoms

Posted by amp

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I have been using Cymbalta for 10 months.  I have several conditions that make treatment very difficult.  The major help i get from Cymbalta is nerve/neuropathy pain as well as helping with the all over body pain and tenderness of fibromyalgia.  Unfortunately I have very poor medication coverage and live on a meager income--the cost of this medication is so high it is an issue of paying a bill or buying my Cymbalta.  I ran out and had no funds so I let it happen and just prepared to bite the bullet of pain...I have a high pain tolerance and I was ready to try...I was ok for a few days--when I didnt get slammed to the ground the first day just trying to open my eyes I just went on not paying too much attention...then I was drinking a cup of coffee a few days in to this journey--and was overcome buy the worst wave of nausea I dropped the cup as I was grabbing for something to vomit in if I couldnt get to the bathroom in time...I was pouring sweat, shaking like crazy and freezing...I thought it was the flu--bundled up and went to bed...I felt a little better but still queasy so I drank water and ate saltines---for 3 more days...and suddenly-out of the blue I would get flattened with the nausea/sweats/ was just horrible...I wasnt very clear thinking either because it took so long for it to even occur to me that there would be withdrawl side affects--I expected them to hit the first 12 hours or so and when they didnt I just didnt think about it...Finally I called my doctor--he told me to come right in, checked me over and sent me home with a boat load of samples to give me a little head start toward the was withdrawl...another thing that happened that I wasnt adding to the event was very, very blurry vision--and I went so far as to think that was why I was so nauseated --because my eyes weren't focusing doctor and I have been pleased with the help I got from Cymbalta, which is why he helped me with the samples.  He said before I would consider quitting again to talk to him so that he can help me monitor things and figure out how to make it safer...
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