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I have depression nos but i am scared that its is going to led into more serious depression wat should i do

Posted by ILuvRichard09

I am only 15. and i do cut myself. I am now seeing a therapist. Who told me i have depression NOS. I dont know what that means and how i should handle this news. Is there medicine that go along with it?
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yea there is plenty you can do about w/o meds..............

the reason for your depression is probly because you have low confidence and you let everything get to you sometimes you just gotta find that place in your heart and tell yourse;f that your love you should consider changing you crowd of people or anything that can help you dont ever think you cant handle nothing becasue you can good luck 

Hey Sweetie ~

The fact that you're seeing a therapist is wonderful to hear.  Therapy has worked wonders for me - I remember being your age and cutting myself.... worrying what my depression would do to me and my life... where it would lead me... now I'm 35 - I still have depression, but I've learned so much from it - and I learned a LOT about myself - I've learned a lot about life - and how not to take it so seriously - and most importantly - to not let society dictate how and what we should be doing.  Taking that stress off yourself can do wonders!!! :)

There ARE natural supplements that you can take in order to help ease your depression... SAM-e is wonderful!  (Better than St. John's Wort) - you can get it anywhere - at any drugstore - in the vitamin/natural supplements isle.  

Are you going to continue seeing this therapist - because she should be helping you to decide what is in your best interest - not telling you - but helping you... 

The most important thing for you to know is that you WILL get through this - nothing in life ever stays the same - and that's true for depression... I've made it though each bout  - that's the important thing!  

I've learned that life is all about perspective - in how we choose to look at it... if you think negative thoughts you will feel negative and unhappy - but if you think positive thoughts (even when it's hard to do so - like now) - the end result will be a happier YOU.  There are so many self-help books out there - go to the library or local bookstore and go to the self-help section - look through the books and pick one that truly speaks to you... because what speaks to one person may not for another...

Hang in there - there are many options for you!  :)



I appreiciate your inclination towards seeing a therapist, but you can do things that can make you feel better & positive, instead of inclining yourself to medicine to get rid of this problem, try to evolve yourself in community services where you can help many to get rid of any issues, it is better way to divert your attention from health issues.
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