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Hunger Games

Posted Jul 30 2012 9:02pm

I have been trying to honor my hunger with mixed results. After years of using food as a friend, confidant, paying attention to my stomach is harder than I thought it will be. I find that I can go hours without eating and not feel hungry. Is that me denying I need to eat? Or am I not really hungry? I think after not eating for 15 hours, it is the earlier of the two questions.

My goal when I am at Blogher is to eat 3 meals a day and not one of those can be a liquid meal. The past two times I have gone, I maybe ate twice a day. I don’t think I ate dinner at all.  That is a problem. If I am going to drink, and I will, then I must eat, period.

I have been feeling downer then usual lately and of course, that has an affect on my eating patterns. I have to be extra vigilant when I am down and feeling really lonely. Food is no substitute for human companionship. It will not make me feel better. It will only propel me further in nothingness.

I plan on working out twice while in NYC. I am doing a Sweat Pink boot camp by Fit Approach and taking a Nautilus Bowflex class. I hope to do a lot of walking others. I need to take care of myself.

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