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Of course I would never advise anyone to hide their depression from everyone around them. It is very important you do have someone you can talk to about this, and someone there to support you.

Being diagnosed with depression can be a trying time for anyone, there will be some people who you won’t want to confide in.

It can be very difficult to hide your depression depending on the severity or your condition and the symptoms you display. Don’t be alarmed by this and think everyone will know your depressed, this isn’t the case.

Here listed are a few helpful tips I learned along the way:

  • Avoid being in uncomfortable situations, if you find you need to ‘get out’ just make your excuses and do so.
  • Duvet days are always the hardest to disguise but I found that crying ill was a great way to hide my depression, we all feel terrible when we are ill.
  • Crying a lot was something I struggled with at first, a lot of the time I put it down to stress at work or PMT even the occasional boy troubles. They all worked a treat.
  • Hiding away from the world can be a lot harder, you need to remember that we all have bad times and it isn’t abnormal to want to spend some time alone. If however this explanation isn’t suffice then a shortage of money could be another route to take, although you could leave yourself wide open to the old faithful “I will lend you some”.

The best thing you could do for you today: Anticipate what your explanation will be should the situation ever arise where you need one. Be strong and be true to yourself as the one person you cannot hide from is you.

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