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How to Get the Most out of Gift Giving in Café World

Posted Dec 28 2009 7:49pm

One of the cooler aspects of the wide array of Facebook games made by Zynga is that you can give gifts freely to anyone that you would like to share them with on your friends list. This gift giving is prompted each day and it costs you nothing. What’s more, you can often give and then in turn receive some items that are not available for purchase, especially during holidays and special events in the game. In short, if you’re not taking advantage of the gift giving process, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity that could greatly expand your café.

How to Give Gifts

Gifts are a part of the basic game play of Café World. You don’t have to do anything special to give a gift. You just need to login each day and hand out whatever you have available in your current gift menu. There is a daily limit to gift giving, but it is usually much lower than what your friend count will be. In Café World, these gifts come in the form of appetizers, cookies, and drinks that are well received by most of your neighbors as being relatively useful items.

You can also give gifts that are not on the gift menu, buying items from the store and giving those as gifts. This is largely unnecessary though as your fellow players can get those items on their own with Café Coins and will most often prefer to receive the gift menu items instead.

How to Get Your Own Gifts

So, how do you go about turning this amazing system on its head and getting your own pile of new gifts to add to your café? It starts by giving out your own gifts. People are prompted whenever they receive a gift to reciprocate the giving with their own gift. So, if you send someone a new coffee drink, they will be asked to send something back to you. The game doesn’t require you to ask – it does the hard work for you.

Most players will gladly reciprocate because they want to keep getting gifts from that friend (just the same as you). The key then is to send out gifts to everyone on your friends list every day so that you can get gifts back from each of them. Those friends that are neighbors in the game and logon each day will then be able to send things back your way. That is what you should aim for when you send out gifts – receiving similar gifts in turn to deck out your café.

So, ultimately, if you are interested in becoming one of the top players on the Internet to give and receive gifts, you need to go out and start loading up on new neighbors that you can get the gifts from and give them to. This is a major part of the game play of Café World and something that every player should spend careful time mastering.

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