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How To Get Pregnant Bodily Signs

Posted Jan 11 2010 1:05pm

So you have spent the majority of your life trying not to get pregnant but now that you want to start your family you have run into difficulties in figuring out how to get pregnant. The miracles of pregnancy has a very brief time period each month where you are able to conceive and start the pregnancy process. Due to the advancement of technology there are a number of products on the marketplace which will help you figure out the best time or you can use your own body which will not cost you a thing.

A woman's body will let loose a number of hormones each month from the pituitary gland that makes her ovaries respond by releasing a egg. The new egg will make its way down the fallopian tube and this is the perfect window that you have been looking for. When this happens your body will tell you in three separate signs that it is the perfect time to try and begin the process of pregnancy.

Keep An Eye On The Date - For most women ovulation is at its peak fourteen days from the start of her last period. If the woman's menstruation cycle is longer then the typical twenty eight days she needs to subtract eighteen days from the length of the cycle and add this number from the start of her next cycle to figure out when is the peak ovulation time.

Cervical Mucus - The cervical mucus becomes slippery to the touch and resemble raw egg whites when a woman is ovulating. During the rest of the month the cervical mucus is sticky to the touch and is rather cloudy in appearance.

Your Body Temperature - Over a couple of months time period take your temperature each day and look out for patterns. When you have this information you will see that certain times per month that your body temperature is slightly higher than normal which is an indicator that ovulation is taking place.

Trying to get pregnant can become a frustrating experience and with a number of products on the market promising to help it can be overwhelming. My advice is to start with the Pregnancy Miracle which has been proven time and time again by helping women of all ages to get pregnant and start their own family. The Pregnancy Miracle has been a top selling pregnancy resource for the last few years.

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