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How To Deal With Depression

Posted Jun 23 2009 12:14am
If you have a tendency to feel down, and it seems to cause some strong negative thoughts, you may want to see your doctor about being diagnosed with depression. If you just had a baby or your wife had a baby, you could be suffering from post-partum depression. Or if you lost your job or moved to a new town, depression might make you feel frequent sadness. Tell your doctor about this. Also, if you’re feeling sad without any reason at all, this is something that your doctor needs to know about, too. Once you have been diagnosed with depression, here is what you need to do.

1) Listen to your doctor’s advice. If you aren’t sure you agree with it, get a second or third opinion. You can also talk to a pastor or Christian counselor to get help for depression.

2) If you have been prescribed medicine for depression, take it and keep taking it. Do not stop taking the medication just because you feel better or feel nothing.

3) Take the medication at the same time every day and don’t forget a dose, if possible. Make it a routine. Don’t tell yourself negative things about taking the medicine. If you needed eye glasses or a cast on your arm, you wouldn’t be embarrassed to use those treatments. So, why should a chemical imbalance be any different?

4) Be accountable to a friend or spouse. Make sure they know you are committed to taking the medication. Tell them to feel free to ask you if you are taking it, especially if they notice unusual behavior or attitudes. Remember that when you’re depressed, others can take the brunt of it, and they often notice it more than you do. This is why it’s so important to take your medication regularly. Often, if left untreated, you may end up suicidal or abusive to those around you. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to keep taking your medication unless told otherwise by a physician.

5) Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings. Write down what you are sad about and what you are feeling. Write down what types of negative thoughts try to come into your mind. Then, praise yourself for doing what’s best for you and the family. Be proud that you didn’t hide behind your illness. You did something about it and you will reap a positive reward in the end. Your family will be happier and so will you.

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