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how do I get my sister help for depreeeion when she doesn't think she has it?

Posted by hydiamondgal

My younger sister is very depressed and starting to act like another person and she is doing things she would have NEVER done 6 monts ago...Like getting odd piecerings,blaming everyone else for everything that goes wrong, and putting everyone down.  We can tell she is depressed ( I think she could be bi-polar as well) but she seeings nothing wrong with herself.  What can we do?  When things go very wrong for her she'll say things like "Everything would be better if I were dead".  We are very very worried. 
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If you can agree to have her join you for a family therapy session, even if it's just the two of you, a psychologist or therapist can recommend vitamins, supplements and/or presecription drugs that might help improve her mood swings. You need to let her know that you're concerned for her safety and want to see her enjoy life again. It's not easy to have an "intervention" with someone who is not able to see a problem, but letting her know that doing this would help YOU feel better about things might encourage her to at least hear what a therapist has to say.

An intervention would be very difficult at this point since she is blaming everyone else. Who else is in the support network? A pastor? Friends? Co-workers? Would they be willing to step forward to help?



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