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Hi, know, is a lecher, met with beauty girl on the walk way

Posted Apr 16 2013 2:30am
Hi, know, is a lecher, met with beauty girl on the walk way, alas, superficial or shallow, seems to me the big brother or name to deserved the color word head with a knife Young how do not understand? "Dragon Fire harbor Dawei, he finally found a reliable basis for their own self-styled" Big Brother "names head." Hey, this kid looked stiff, can not think it is satyr head, to see the people of my home Jiuye this first line, Jiuye afraid Qiaobu Shang, no profits to be "maiden beside him, a look of honest look fat is extremely disdain sentenced to sunglass early ending. maiden see sunglass a blissful silence, driven to distraction like, not from a spot wanted to attack, but soon I thought, a stomping, turned away, but stare before Pro go sunglass a Savage overbearing, just the blue eye, do not have a style the the dragon fire suddenly like giving pledge knock the Yigun of, heart whooped: "Dead is dead, this little girl's eyes is ecstasy, and overbearing and charming, so to force "the division two brothers, such as wooden stake like Dai Li on the spot, away the fat but Fuer girl beside him:" Jiuye, do not ask them for visual impact fee. ? do not like your style, ah, these two guys do not like what the money figures can be mosquitoes and then a small meat is ah girl cheap oakley sunglasses has always been high-handed, others look at her, must be obtained from the visual impact fee, depending on the other obsessed words, such as today, so be white look, also belong to replica oakley sunglasses the first time the girl has a stare, "You idiot, you know what, to this 'Creepy bazaar' second layer, not wealthy businessmen or wealthy children, is quite the forces of backing the idle barely oil and water trivial, if it got entangled in some god of plague, would not trouble, here the Celtics so much, you no profits to be afraid of? Fat Man, you really lard heart, the light long fat a brain. "fat suddenly come to realize," smart, clever, or Jiuye clever. "girls gone side is sunglass gradually slow inside out, to recapture the control of the body, he took a deep breath, I just feel that the brain is a mess, like heavy rains general, the atmosphere in the chaotic illustrated catalog Youzi not completely calmed down. "Hey, Young, this is how you had?" at the moment touches turn sunglass strange reaction of dragon fire dragon fire sluggish, he was the cry of the sunglass wake up, he turned to look, sunglass is the appearance of a clear sky, as a goodly scholar. "Hey, Young, you not think, so soon forget that chick? "dragon fire a little surprised he was born is also wealthy, just happens to be the aftermath of a family of great changes, this" ghost Fearless "shelter in romantic but is also witnessed ears rendered, very precocious. "What chick?" sunglass wrinkled brow, looked confused, just before he attracted rocket dilapidated ring, the largest image in the mind, but also that a the as creamy the shallots hand., As for the others, knew nothing. "Young, you thick skinned humbled, I'm afraid of you." Dragon Fire see a sunglass woodenly expression, thought he was playing rogue, when
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