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Hi, can anyone please help me with my swollen glands, fatigue, lumps on skin, acne and and neck pain please?

Posted by SadDanny

I've listed this under depression because it's how I feel right now. After suffering for over a year with swollen neck glands (front and back), headaches, really bad fatigue (most days I'll wake up, fall asleep an hour or so later and stay awake for another 11-12 hours before I fall asleep again) and acne breakouts.

Everything seems linked and when my glands swell up, my skin breaks out and I get these odd boils on my chest which look very similar to MRSA boils (although I've been tested for that already and it was negative.

Now the acne has spread to my hair and I was shocked to find that I'm now the proud owner of several bald patches (at 19, no less).

Please, if you have anything to suggest at all, no matter how outlandish, I'm completely open to it. It feels like my life is slipping away and sometimes at night when my tongue blocks my throat, I get this terrible feeling wishing that it would choke me and let it be the end of everything.

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