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Guide: part 1: Reasons to get dressed

Posted Mar 24 2010 12:00am


A list of 5, because I’m anal when it comes to listing in neat sets:


  • D=person with a depressive disorder
  • P=mental health professional or friend or carer

P:  “You should try to get dressed every day.”

D: “Why?”



D: a) “Okay, but I’m sure it won’t help.” (despite negative expectations from D, this is , as they are giving it a try)  An alternative:

D: b) “You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.  I feel like shit.  Clothes aren’t going to change that.  Piss off and go worry about your own wardrobe malfunction.  You’re wearing odd socks!” (This alternate response is less desirable for P, but at least there’s some affect there, anger, and anger is preferable to catatonia (for D, at least ;) )

ps. don’t worry about the odd socks.  No one else will notice; it’s only because D spends all their time with eyes downcast that they took note of your .




That’s all for now.  The second part of my guide will provide more indispensible advice and ideas, so throw your NICE guidelines in the bin now.

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