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Grumpy People

Posted Mar 18 2010 6:53am
Some people are just naturally grumpy.  Everyone who is in close contact with grumpy people is affected by them.  One grumpy person can have a huge influence on family members and relationships.  After years of living with a grumpy person you can usually take them in stride as seen in the movie "On Golden Pond".   It takes a lot of time and practice.  Another person's grumpiness can be very frustrating and interfere with your own mental health.  I think those of us who are prone to depression and anxiety have more difficulty taking things in stride and we might easily over react to someone's grumpy disposition. 

I'm a senior citizen and often hear younger people refer to an older relative as grumpy.  Some people associate grumpiness with getting older.  Are there a lot of grumpy senior citizens?  I suppose health problems and getting older in general could cause some senior citizens to become grumpy.  However, there are many people who are grumpy most of their lives.  I have a feeling you could explain to a habitually grumpy person how their grumpy attitude affects others but it would probably cause a very defensive response.

It's hard emotional work dealing with grumpy people on a day to day basis.  Before you start, make sure you have your own depression and anxiety under control.   Feeling good yourself is a requirement for success when co-existing with the grumpy people.  Be sure not to allow their grumpiness to overcome your positive attitude. 
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