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Get Rid Of Belly Fat: The Right Type Of Cardio Exercise

Posted Nov 29 2009 10:00pm

For some strange reason people believe the best way to get rid of belly fat is to spend countless hours on a treadmill or a stair climbing device but as they soon find out are not only these types of exercises extremely boring they can take forever to get rid of belly fat. The body is a complex device that is a lot smarter than we give it credit for. See your body can figure out what you are doing every second day for an hour at a time so it presses the right internal button and can program itself to prepare for these cardio workouts that in the long run will give you a nice tone body but only if you want to spend months climbing a treadmill or stair climbing device.

Now the best way to get your cardio exercises and get rid of the belly fat is not to waste countless hours in the gym but to keep your body guessing so it is forced to adapt. The main goal of cardio exercises is to burn off the excess calories we consume each day in order to keep our weight under control. Great theory which works but will take absolutely forever to get rid of the belly fat. So lets switch it up with 20 minute long exercise periods four days a week where we will show our body who is boss and the result will lead to the disappearance of belly fat and lead to those desired six pack abs. Alright on with the exercise

Warm-up for 3-4 minutes at a fast walk or light jog

Interval 1 - run at 8.0 mi/hr for 1 minute

Interval 2 - walk at 4.0 mi/hr for 1.5 minutes

Interval 3 - run at 10.0 mi/hr for 1 minute

Interval 4 - walk at 4.0 mi/hr for 1.5 minutes

Repeat the above scenario four times for a twenty minute workout that will kick your butt but more importantly get rid of belly fat very quickly especially when compared to typical workout routines. If your like me and hate to run you can substitute running for rowing, boxing and basically anything that can push your body to the edge.

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