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Forex Software Robot Versus Human In The Ultimate Trading War

Posted Jan 05 2010 6:29pm

The battle has begun on the Forex trading marketplace and in one corner we have the Forex Software Robot and in the other corner is the human trader. From the very beginning of this contest it looks like the human trader is in deep trouble and does not belong in the ring with the Forex Robot. Throughout this article I will show you why the Forex Software Robot is dominating every battle and winning the war in the Forex trading marketplace.

The Human Condition - Unfortunately for us humans there are a number of factors surrounding the human condition puts us at a complete disadvantage when going up against the Forex robot. Humans need to eat and sleep just to operate and while we are completing these daily tasks the Forex Robot continues to operate and only stops when the Forex marketplace closes.

Emotion - Emotion and the Forex trading marketplace do not belong in the same sentence for when it happens chances are someone is losing money. A quick surge of adrenaline or a blanket of anxiety are two of the worst things that can happen to a day trader for they stop thinking with their brain which is an expensive lesson. The Forex Robot on the other hand does not have to worry about emotions heck a Forex Robot does not even know what worry is.

Consistency - To be successful in Forex trading there needs to be a great deal of consistency in order to truly make real money. Making the right trading decisions time after time is what separates the great traders from the guys who use to trade. With the Forex marketplace being open for six days a week and twenty four hours a day a human may be able to perform at his peak a few hours per day where as the Forex Robot once it is turned on will continue to make the same sound trading decision until you turn it off.

Remember when people talked about the rise of the robots and how some day we would be governed by a set of robots built to such high standards that us humans could not compete and would end up serving them? Well that day is today and at least on the Forex trading floor robots are here and they are not going away anytime soon. In the fight between the Forex Robot and the human day trader it took longer to announce the combatants.

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