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Finding Affordable Home-Business Advertising

Posted Jan 24 2010 9:28am

When starting a home business, it is essential that you figure out a marketing strategy that will allow you to advertise your home business without costing you a fortune. Typical advertising resources, such as television and radio, unfortunately are very expensive and cannot be utilized to their full extent with a small budget. During this article I am going to introduce you to the Promo Plate and how it can help your business succeed.

The Promo Plate is an attractive nameplate consisting of gold or chrome lettering which fixes to the back of your vehicle. Instead of the same old bumper sticker that has been done to many times this new form of advertising jumps out due to its unique design and is implanted in the mind of your potential customer. As more and more companies use bumper stickers and other forms of advertising on vehicles it pays to have a form of marketing that will stand out from the crowd.

Bumper stickers have been used for years when it comes to advertising a product or a company simply because of the number of people who see the ad each and every day. If you live in a large metropolis area such as Toronto or New York thousands of people will see your company ad everyday. The bonus of the Promo Plate is that the potential customer will remember what they are seeing as it is unique to all other forms of advertising currently being utilized.

A main factor that needs to be considered is how much your marketing budget is and how do you get the most out of your budget. Television and radio ads are a wonderful resource but the cost of using such methods has grown to a point where the small business owner can no longer run a successful campaign. Advertising in a variety of print forms such as magazines and newspapers has become less and less attractive over the years as more people turn to the internet for information. As a small business owner you need to make sure that every cent that you spend will lead to success.

The Promo Plate has been used by everyone from real estate agents to small business owners with great success for it is affordable and will quickly get your company information out into your community quickly.
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