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Fighting depression like pulling weeds

Posted Oct 12 2011 12:34pm

I hatepulling weeds. And the flower bed in front of my house is full of them.

Theworst part? They’re all tangled up with the jasmine we had planted as groundcover.

The hopewas the jasmine would eventually strangle the life out of the weeds, but thathasn’t happened. It lookslike we’ll have to do it the hard way—one weed at a time.
That gotme to thinking. It’s a lot like my depression and anxiety.

Fightingdepression and anxiety is like pulling weeds. It’s hard work. Now, it’s easy torip the top off the weeds, just like it’s easy to obfuscate, scratch thesurface or dodge the real issues with our therapists. The hard part is gettingdown to the root of the problem.
Dump-trucktalk therapy, in which we just spend an hour jabbering about our week and howwe feel, is sort of like ripping off the tops of those weeds. It doesn’t reallyfix the problem. It’s only going to come back. 
We candump our feelings on somebody else, but until we figure out how to stop beingso anxious, how to stop the negative thinking, it just comes back. And likethey say about addiction, it will only come back stronger if we don’t kill thelion.
It’smuch harder, so hard I haven’t done it successfully yet, to get to theroot of depression. We can take meds, which I do, we can exercise, which Idon’t do often enough, and we can spend money and time with our therapists. Andyet we can still be depressed and frustrated.
I guesswe have to just be patient, keep pulling one weed at a time.
Successful recovery, as I view it in mymind’s eye, looks like a well-manicured garden. It’s just not easy to get there.
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