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emotionally numb?

Posted by dallad01

i have never been depressed and i have not suffered from any mental or physical trauma as an adult or as a child and i do not have problems in making friends and i never get angry and have never been involved in any violence. however over the 22 years of my life i have noticed that i am emotionally numb. i have just been to visit a close relative who is really struggling with annnorexia and is in hospital and i felt just as i would if i was looking at a white wall. the same applies to family and friends funerals and terrorist events. i sometimes smile as i know i should like others be feeling an emotion. i have to my knowledge never felt the emotion of grief or other feelings associated with losing friends and families
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Hi Dallad,

Usually when people become emotionally numb it is as a result of an emotional trauma. It can also be felt when someone dies and for the first few weeks the person can just feel completely numb as they cannot process the shock they are feeling. However, with grief, it usually passes within a few weeks. PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder, depression and stress are all known to be causes of feeling emotionally numb however from everything you have written it doesn't seem like any of these categories apply to you. I'm sorry I can't offer any more information but I do think that perhaps you should ask for a referral to a psychologist or counsellor as it's probably not so healthy to be quite as numb towards as many things as you mention. Perhaps talking to someone and opening up a bit might reveal to you some reason why you feel this way.

All the best and take care :) 

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