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Effexor Is Not Addictive

Posted May 19 2010 7:50pm

In the years I have spent in a variety of forums I keep seeing this same sentence over and over again "Effexor is not addictive" and of course they are wrong for this little med is addictive as hell. My doctor forgot to call in my prescription refill so I was unable to fill my Effexor but I was not too worried as I was seeing him the next day so it would only be a few hours without this little med. Around four hours after I would normally take it my brain just did not feel right and all sorts of not too nice thoughts were swirling through my head. Anyway I ended up getting my dose and thankfully after a few hours everything seemed to be normal again. Now I have been on Effexor for close to two years and possibly even longer and just five or six hours late of this med my body started to go through withdrawal. Anyone who has ever been on this drug knows the worst part is that it is addictive and when it comes time to get off of it the withdrawal process is hell. For those who want to get off of Effexor here is a withdrawal plan that some other so called mental health helpers are charging an arm an leg for, make sure you have your doctors permission before doing so and let everyone in your immediate circle also be aware to look for anything that is out of place.

Effexor Withdrawal Program

1. Break open the capsule and count out all of the beads (no I am not kidding)
2. Remove ten percent of the beads and take the other ninety percent
3. Repeat this process for the first five days and if you are not suffering withdrawal symptoms remove another ten percent.
4. Every five days remove an additional ten percent of the number of beads. If your body starts going through rather uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms return to the previous dosage and wait for a few more days before trying again.

It Kind of Looks like this

Day 1 - 100 beads in a capsule - remove 10 take 90
day 5 - 90 beads left - remove 9 take 81
day 10 - 81 beads left - remove 8 take 72
and so on.

There is a stupid notion going around that you should take the effexor dosage every second day but all that accomplishes is sending your body into hell on the days without the dose. Those who have followed me for awhile know I went off this med cold turkey but mind you I was in a locked psychiatric ward with 24 hr care. Any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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