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Dreams and depression

Posted Jul 22 2009 10:12pm

sleeping The black dog of depression likes to keep you awake at night. You’ll often have difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or you’ll wake early. Your dreams may be especially vivid and exhausting.

Several years ago I dreamt that my daughter had died and was crying and sobbing so loudly that it woke my wife who thought something terrible had happened. Obviously dreams are playing out unresolved issues in our lives and like depression itself, they are red flags that something in our lives needs attention.

I had another very strange dream last night. It was a mix of putting my dog asleep and my mom’s death. Mom was  still alive but gravely ill. She didn’t know she was sick or that she was going to die but everyone else did.

For the subject matter involved it was strangely unemotional although it did wake me up at 2:30. I don’t remember being upset in the dream or when I woke up. It was just odd feeling that a loved one was dying and they were the only one who didn’t realize it.

I find it interesting that no therapist has ever really talked about my dreams when a quick Google search found some good articles on the relationship between dreams and depression. Apparently vivid anxious dreams are your body’s way of trying to deal with issues. Read the articles below to find out more.

Depression and dreaming

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