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Do not feel Powerless! Regain your innate strength

Posted Jun 27 2013 1:03am
Powerlessness is the cause of all conflicts. Because of powerlessness arises confusion, frustration,anger and the like. I have heard that small kids living in the presence of an enlightened master maintain powerlessness amidst any situation.

I am trying to develop the habit of not feeling powerless in any situation day-to-day or life circumstances. Some of the things where I felt powerless day-to-day -Had to struggle to be competent in the job
-Had to struggle doing all job and family responsibilities

Although feeling powerless is only during a small fraction of the day, it did block me from acting from my full potential. I discovered that feeling powerless had started from childhood, and have been hanging around in me until now. In a way I had understood myself to be highly mouldable even as an adult. I believe I will be able to successfully remould me as someone who will not feel powerless at any situation. Thinking myself as one of those kids in the presence of enlightened master, I am able to do this.

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