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Do I Have Depression Or Am I Just Being Dramatic?

Posted by JacyRae

I've been having this really messed up feeling for a long time now. I've become really sensitive, have lost all of my friends because I never want to hang out, I've been really tired and just wanting to stay in bed a lot and do nothing. I've tried to tell my mom about me feeling upset but she just shrugs it off saying i'm being dramatic and it'll pass. I want to talk to someone because I'm really confused about how i'm feeling right now.

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I'm not a doctor, but I am a depression patient, and what you're describing sounds very much what I endured. Please see someone as soon as you can- a doctor, therapist, a pastor- someone whom you trust. You need support and not someone who just fluffs you off as being "dramatic". Depression is real.

I hope you will get the help you need very soon!

Warm regards,

Michelle aka The BearTwinsMom

Thank you so much. I will definitly get some help, thank you again.
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