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Do i have depression/ Mild depression?

Posted by Ela

 I dont concentrate very well anymore, I have a decreasing loss of interest in things I used to enjoy, I often think darkly about the future (bad things), i have a decrease in apetite, my mood changes from really upset to really happy suddenly and over the past to years alot of upsetting things have happened... I just wondered if I really do have depression?
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Sounds like you do hun, i am a depression suffer myself and its not nice at all, get yourself to your doctor and tell him/her how you feel, good luck hunny x

Hi Ela,

The feelings you are describing do sound like you could be experiencing depression. I have suffered from depression for years and been on many different medications for it. I too have had a lot of upsetting events happen but I think there is a difference between a 'normal' depression and clinical depression. For example if someone close to you dies then it is normal to feel depressed and have low moods while you go through the grieving process. But if you find yourself still feeling very down and have little interest in doing things you previously enjoyed and these feelings continue until they are having a real impact on your life then I would definitely say it sounds like depression. I hope you have managed to see a doctor and are hopefully feeling a little better now.

All the best and take care :) 

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