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Depression and Online Forums: Are There Benefits?

Posted Jun 09 2011 3:33am


Depression and On-line Forums: Are There Benefits?

by: Phil Holleman


Online depression forums hit my radar after I made the commitment to help people who want to recover from depression.

One of my coaches, Traci Brosman , suggested I find a forum or two and start posting comments on them. Once I started my research, I noticed something that intrigued me.

There are a ton of threads on the topic of depression. Each person basically creates a thread about his or her situation at the moment. That’s not really what I was looking for. I had hoped to find something more easy to follow.

I guess that’s where my secondary Emerald personality type comes out in me. I thought there would be more of a structure and a base of information. It seems to me that almost all of the posts are kind of like diary entries.

I guess people need a place to vent. When one suffers from depression, talking is certainly a very important part of recovery. However, I couldn’t tell whether folks wanted to get better. Many just complain about where they are and don’t say much about where they want to be.

It’s understood depression does create a sense of hopelessness. In my opinion, there is a difference between hopelessness and not truly wanting to recover. An illness can be used to create or maintain co-dependence. I believe I used my depression to protect my victim status and feel like I needed to have someone protect me.

Eventually a choice has to be made. Either you want to get better or you don’t. Depression does terrible things to the mind, but once the choice is made to get better, the wallowing in misery starts to disappear.

So, I made that choice and now I’m recovered. I took charge, as difficult as it was, and changed my treatment and my relationships so I had the best opportunity to kick depression’s behind. It worked!

Now, back to the depression forums. I have chosen not to actively participate in the on-going topics. I do post my articles where I can in the hope that they will be read. I believe this is a better approach for me, and maybe for those who read the articles.

I would like to know what you think? Have you participated in online depression forums? If so, was it a worthwhile experience? Should I re-evaluate my choice not to use them in my pursuit of helping those who want to recover from depression?

Yours in good health,


Phil Holleman spent over 11 years struggling with major depression.  He became an “expert” at being depressed! After realizing he had the knowledge and strength to rise above the illness and stigma associated with it, he created to help others who are recovering or desperately want to recover. He hopes you will join him on the journey and use your inner strength to be freed from the bondage of depression.

Phil wants you to have the  FREE Depression Relief Protocol .  Get rid of  feeling hopeless, sad, and unworthy. Antidepressants may not be the answer. Get this Protocol now!

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