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Depression and Diet

Posted by born2sing2003

Just curious if anyone here is also trying to lose weight and if their depression is making it hard to get motivated. I need help getting and staying motivated, but the depression is SO OVERWHELMING! Any advice?
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Depression is something that can spoil the health and mind of a person drastically..

If anyone is suffering from depression it will definitely put a break in his/her progress.

It's like a severe disease.

So, don't allow yourself to be caught under the grip of this rubbish depression...

But i also know that its human nature to get depressed!!!!!

Great solution is to stay healthy all the time and don't take tension .

Be-tension free and enjoy life.........

 Neha Sood

Web Developer

One of the worst parts about depression is that the things that might help fight the depression, are the ones that depression makes very hard to do.

What has helped me is to analyze everything. I basically just talk to myself in my head. A calm rational  'this is the problem, this is a way that can fix it, the advantages of this stratergy are.... the cons.. this is the way to do it...'  I guess this stratergy helps me because when you're depressed your actions are mostly effected by irational emotions. So analyzing things in a very rational way let's you step out of the depression cycle, at least for a bit. 



But you can withdraw from it. Following meditation and yoga helps you to keep your mind in relax.


I like what Gabby said. One baby step at a time, talk yourself through it. Weight gain is definitely a big problem with antidepressants and one that can increase the feelings of depression. I'm going through that myself right now. I'm going to discuss it with my psychiatrist next time I see him, because this is a fairly recent change in my medication. Some meds don't cause weight gain, so you may want to have a discussion with your psych about what will work best for you.  Don't give up, you can do it!
Baby Steps!  It the only way to do it without letting the depression take over and in turn quitting.   I have been working on weightloss with  combo of exercise and diet changes.   I've lost about 45 lbs but it's taken me almost 2 years to do that because I only change one thing at a time (note: I have a lot more I can lose).   Some examples of small goals might be to go to the gym once a week for 20 minutes. Once you have mastered that then go twice a week for 20 minutes and so on.   Don't change anything else until you've mastered your goal (ie. step).  You will discover that you get better at mastering a step and can make changes more frequently.  Before you know it, the ball is rolling fast and you've been able to celebrate lots of little successes and you win not the depression.   Remember, if you fail at a step, let it go and come back to it in a few months.  You will most likely succeed on the second or third try. 
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