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Counseling Help for the Depressed|Springhill group

Posted Dec 27 2012 5:23am
Depression is generally responsive to therapy. Severe depression accompanied by such things as anxiety, 
anger, relationship issues or past trauma can also be cured. Therapy can help in many ways including: 

-Working with a professional who has a deep understanding of depression 
-Understand the underlying biological, relational, emotional and thinking causes and patterns of depression 
-Making sense of whatever is currently going on in your life 
-Addressing issues from the past 
-Coming to terms with what you have been through 
-Practical help in making constructive change 
-Depression can hit anyone and anytime: men, women, old, young, married, single, rich, poor, anyone! 
How to determine if someone is depress or you might be depress if: 

-An unusually sad mood that does not go away 
-Loss of enjoyment and interest in activities that use to be enjoyable 
-Loneliness or loss of connection 
-Sadness and tearfulness 
-Lack of energy, and tiredness. Physically tired, dull, heavy, or slow 
-Loss of confidence in self and poor self-esteem 
-Loss of interest and pleasure in life 
-Loss of meaning and hopelessness 
-Feeling guilty when you are not really at fault or overwhelming feelings of guilt and worthlessness 
-Wishing you were dead and/or thinking about harming yourself or suicide 
-Difficulty concentrating or making decisions. Foggy thinking or poor concentration 
-Moving more slowly or alternatively becoming agitated and unable to settle 
-Having difficulty sleeping or alternatively sleeping too much Changes in sleep patterns 
-Loss of interest in food or alternatively eating too much. Weight gain or loss 
-Anxiety or anger 
-Decreased sexual drive 
-headaches, stomach upsets or chronic pain or unexplained body pains
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